Meet David Offutt

The Bio

David is an Educator who is an advocate for the success of his clients. David loves learning, sales, and success. David attributes TREA's success to overcome being in the wrong place at the right time. See, David started life as a classically trained economist.

in the Dotcom days, David went from grad school to a high rise working as an analytic mercenary. Crunching numbers all day crushed his spirit and he reluctantly returned to Sales. Now, David will tell you that returning to sales was the greatest misfortune in his business life. David loves people and sees successful sales as a power skill, to be used for good.

David is published, engaging, and grateful that his first business is successful enough to be able to focus the God-given skills and talents as an educator to start TREA. David is still an economist and teaches the importance of Real Estate agent in the marketplace.

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